Symfony IOL – intraocular lens - is an advanced, implantable, Extended Range of Vision lens that combines two technologies to deliver exceptional visual performance:

  • Elongating the focus of the eye to deliver continuous, high-quality vision from near to far distances
  • Correcting colour distortion (chromatic aberration) to deliver sharp vision in all lighting conditions

New Treatment for Cataract Patients

Blurry vision and poor night vision are two of the most common signs of cataracts. Sometimes, aging may cause the natural lens of the eye – that comprises mostly water and protein – to become discoloured and clouded as the proteins undergo changes.

This causes any light passing through the eye to become scattered and unfocused. Objects near and far appear blurry. And the only way to treat cataracts is by removing the natural lens and implanting an intraocular lens (IOL). This allows light to pass through the retina unobstructed.

Our Symfony IOLs lenses are designed for positioning in the lens capsule where they replace the optical function of the natural crystalline lens. They feature a biconvex optic that comes with a proprietary wavefront-designed aspheric or toric-aspheric anterior optic that compensates for corneal spherical aberration.

Benefits of Symfony IOL

  • Our symphony IOLs can be used to correct blurry vision resulting from cataracts, aphakia, presbyopia, or astigmatism
  • The lens helps to reduce the effects of presbyopia by increasing the depth of focus
  • The lens is a suitable alternative to an aspheric monofocal IOL as it provides enhanced intermediate and near visual sharpness while maintaining comparable distance visual acuity
  • Improved ability to regain high quality full range of vision with reduced incidence of halos, glare, starbursts, and other nighttime visual symptoms
  • Proprietary combination of optic, design, and material technologies: near-zero spherical aberration; reduced lens epithelial migration; and reduced chromatic aberration, full transmission of blue-light, and no association with glistening, respectively.

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Our Symfony IOLs are ideal for anyone suffering from cloudy or blurred vision, or has a hard time driving at night with the headlight glare. However, each case is unique, and you should consult your physician to determine whether Symfony IOL implantation is right for you.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation so we can help you determine whether Symfony IOL may be the right treatment option for you.